Brian Higbie - Lawyer / Attorney, Westchester / Yonkers, New York - Estate Planning

"My clients trust me with the two most important things in their lives: Everyone they love and Everything they own." Brian M. Higbie Esq.

Brian M. Higbie was admitted to the New York Bar in 2003, after graduating from one of the top three Environmental Law Programs in the nation at Pace Law University. Brian has been a practicing attorney in New York City and Westchester County for nearly 10 years.

After graduation, Brian served as an Associate Attorney at two different firms prior to starting his own practice in 2009. Brian’s greatest skills are described by his clients as a diligent, honest, and hard working attorney who is committed to justice, to the environment, and to the community. Brian’s pro-bono activities such as his continued annual participation as a Judge in the “National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition” of Pace Law University reflect such commitments.

Brian's law practice is focused on estate planning, primarily for families with young children. Brian has made his mission to educate the public about how important and how much easier it is to plan when you are young and healthy.

It is important for you to realize that while there is a need common to all families – the need to have a estate plan in place – your family is different, and your plans should reflect your families uniqueness. Brian continues to value and honor families like yours in Westchester and other surrounding areas in New York, by drafting Estate Plans that will take care of leaving not just your wealth, but a legacy behind. If you haven’t thought about leaving behind a legacy that is greater than any amount of monetary wealth, I encourage you to do so today.

That means calling Brian right now at 914-613-9250, so that you can enjoy family piece of mind.

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